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If you are about to contact us due to changes you’ve seen to the Core course, please click here to read this post first.

If you are a current student with a question about what you’re studying, please post your question on the Ask the Teacher Forum.

For other questions, requests or issues, please fill out the form below. Team Samurai will be notified immediately and will reply as promptly as possible.

If for any reason the form isn’t behaving well on your system, you can send an email to “susan at MasterSamuraiTech.com”

We WILL reply. Some email services tend to put our emails into the spam folder, so be sure to check that if you don’t see a reply in your inbox.

While you wait for our quick reply, be sure to check out our FAQ page, as you may find the answer you seek there.

“Help! I have an urgent issue. Is there a quicker way to reach you?”

We are often just as fast at helping customers via email (through the form above) as we are over the phone. However, if you have an urgent need to speak with us, then by all means give us a call at 603-290-5516. But be sure to also send in a Contact Form to ensure a fast response.

Please note, helping students with lessons cannot be done over the phone. Post your questions to the Ask the Teacher Forum.

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