Advanced Refrigerator Repair Training Course

refrigerators Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 209 reviews.
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Learn an easy, foolproof approach to troubleshooting and fixing every system in every refrigerator, from classic sealed systems to today’s computer-controlled contraptions. Train to be a master refrigerator repair technician and start making bank.

$375 One Time Payment
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Course Syllabus

5 modules and 36 units Est. time to complete: 30 - 50 hours

Module 1: Refrigerator Principles of Operation 13 Units

Complete your knowledge of how refrigerators work: cycles, refrigerants, systems and components.

Module 2: Common Problems and Troubleshooting 7 Units

Learn the common refrigerator problems you’ll see on the job, plus how to troubleshoot and fix them.

Module 3: Bonus Module 1: Sealed System Thermodynamics 5 Units

Break through the mystery of sealed system operation, troubleshooting and repair.

Module 4: Bonus Module 2: Additional Refrigerator Repair Info 8 Units

Master specialized troubleshooting of everything from ice makers to split-phase compressors.

Module 5: Final Exam and Beyond 3 Units

Discover resources to keep up with changing refrigerator technology, then take the final exam.
refrigerators Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.9 based on 209 reviews.
5 1

I learned alot of how to troubleshoot these refrigerators and what steps to take in doing so. thank you
- John Mendoza

This program is a must for any tech who wants to master their skills. Scott B. is definitely smarter than your average bear, and enjoyable to learn from.
- Tim Wanat

Very pleased and satisfied with my 2nd MST course, and I'm not surprised! This course is a must for actually understanding the refrigeration cycle and being able to actually determine if the sealed system is working properly. The build up in each unit was executed very well. I was pretty confused at first, but with each unit everything came together. There is also a very good introduction into actual sealed system work which is awesome and I found very necessary. Kudos on another great course Team Samurai! Loving my journey in appliance education!
- Luke F.
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Make Even More Money by Mastering Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repairs are your most profitable service calls. Not only can you charge more for refrigerator repair, successfully fixing a customer’s refrigerator earns their trust, making them need to call you about all their other appliances. With your Core Appliance Repair skills under your belt, it’s time to tackle the added complexities of refrigerator troubleshooting and repair, which you’ve only scratched the surface of. (Haven’t taken Core Appliance Repair yet? Test your skills before you decide to skip it.)

This course will make you a master troubleshooter of today’s computer-controlled refrigerators. With your new advanced skills and knowledge, you will be able to handle almost any refrigerator repair scenario, including sealed system repairs.

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